Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cleaner

A strong degreaser for use in the kitchen. Soak parts in a tray or spray.
EPASafer ChoiceGreen KeyCLP-freeHypoallergene100% recyclable
GTIN Container
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Spray bottle
1 liter
1 piece
1.07 kg
9.7 × 9.7 × 29.6 cm
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Box of 12
13.54 kg
39.6 × 30 × 31 cm
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Refill can
5 liter
1 piece
5.35 kg
18.8 × 14.5 × 25.3 cm
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A strong degreaser for use in the kitchen. Soak parts in a tray or spray.

The Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cleaner comes in a 1 liter spray bottle and a 5 liter can, all are ready to use.


Dipping tank - hood filters: dilute Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cleaner 1:0.5 (add 50% water), and leave the filters in the mix for 1-2 hours. Wash with water.

Dipping tank - grill: dip in open tray full with Heavy-Duty Kithcen Cleaner. Allow about 1-2 hours to soak, brush lightly then wash with water.

(Foam) spray: Spray on hood and greasy surfaces like deep fryer and hot plates. Use foam on pitched and vertical surfaces. Wait 3-10 minutes and wipe with moist soft (disposable) cloth. Repeat again if needed.

Safety sheet Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cleaner EN v2.0

It was difficult to clean the equipment in the food industry with ordinary means. With naturama it flies off, super powerful, saves us a lot of time and it is also safer to use!

Albert Waller, rayon manager at Blinck Schoon in Almere about the Tiled Floor Cleaner and the Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cleaner.