Frequently Asked Questions

  • Naturama products are safe for humans to use, not toxic or corrosive and free from bleach. The clean air certificate shows that it is safe to use it as a spray, in contrast to other brand spray cleaning products.
  • It is harmless to the environment and animals. It is not animal sourced and no animals were involved in testing.
  • Residu does not make floors slippery.
  • It is hypoallergenic, safe to use when you are sensitive to allergens.
  • It does not cover stench by perfume, it breaks the molecules responsible for the stench.
  • Naturama™ is made of botanical extracts and other minerals found in nature.
  • Naturama™ is not only natural, it is very powerful.
  • Store concentrated Naturama or ready-to-use product in a properly closed container.
  • Maximum storage temperature 120°F / 50°C continuously or 140°F / 60°C for up to 5 days. When stored with temperature of over 140°F / 60°C for longer periods, do not use the product. Contact Tech Support for solution.
  • Acceptable storage temperature range: 32°F / 0° C to 110°F / 43°C.
  • Optimum storage temperature range: 60°F / 15° C to 85°F to 30°C.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
Most of Naturama’s products do not carry warning signs because they are just safe. Laws and regulations ensure that cleaning products can be used safely. The rules prescribe when a warning should appear on the package and what that warning should look like. Whether a cleaning product has a natural origin or not does not matter. Natural ingredients that ensure that a cleaning product can clean can be irritating or harmful at higher concentrations through direct contact with skin or eyes. Because some of the ingredients are just above a level, some of the concentrated Naturama cleaners require a warning that direct contact with the eyes can cause irritation.

Although the “dangers” of Naturama products do not go beyond a serious eye irritation with the concentrated products, it may still be necessary to wear protection. During cleaning, the dirt will mix with the diluted or non-diluted Naturama product. Depending on the type of dirt, this mix can lead to more harmful properties. This is of course more true for a situation where a floor with a mess of synthetic oil is cleaned in a factory than when cleaning a dining table in a restaurant.

With normal use, Naturama can simply be washed away in the sewer. After a month, the largest part has already been degraded. However, during cleaning, dirt mixes with the cleaning product. The dissolved dirt determines whether or not it can go into the sewer or whether a grease or dirt separator is required. The removed dirt is not always harmless and is not naturally also completely bio-degraded. The use of the green and safe Naturama cannot change that.

Simple tests have shown that after cleaning with the Naturama cleaning products by spraying and wiping with a clean cloth or paper, many bacteria have disappeared. Bacteria live in dirt and dirt is removed very well by Naturama products. That does not mean that Naturama products are anti-bacterial. There are also no substances added to the products to make them anti-bacterial or disinfectant. The overall scientific trend is that unnecessary use of disinfectants should be avoided.

See the test video

Naturama uses dyes in some products. These are “food grade” dyes, substances that are so safe that they can also be used in food. These substances are under the influence of Naturama’s cleaning powers, which means that the color can change slightly over time, depending on storage. Naturama, however, prefers the safety of the products to a stable color due to less safe dyes. Products in the natural very light golden-yellow color without dyes can also differ due to the use of natural raw materials.

All packaging is made from highly recyclable PE and can be 100% recycled. The use of PE bottles meets the criteria of the EU Ecolabel.

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