Gun Cleaner

Removes oil and cross glue. Suitable for light firearms. Can be sprayed or used in a dipping tank or parts wash basin. Contains no solvents.
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GTIN Container
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5 liter
1 piece
Foam: Foam inhibitor
5.16 kg
18.5 × 13.1 × 28.5 cm
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Box of 2
10.85 kg
26.4 × 19.6 × 29.6 cm
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20 liter
1 piece
Foam: Foam inhibitor
20.828 kg
28 × 23.5 × 38.5 cm
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Removes oil and cross glue. Suitable for light firearms. Can be sprayed or used in a dipping tank or parts wash basin. Contains no solvents.

This product is available in a 5 and a 20 liter can


Use a parts sink or dipping tank, preferably with a circulation pump and rigid brush, or an ultrasonic dipping tank. Use the usual cleaning tools for hard-to-reach places.

If it has been a while between using the weapon and cleaning, the dirt will settle. Clean the weapon as soon as possible after use. If there is persistent contamination, allow the cleaning agent to soak for some time, possibly in an ultrasonic dipping tank. Repeat treatment if necessary until the parts are clean.

Rinse and dry the parts well after cleaning. For oil and further maintenance, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Safety sheet Gun Cleaner EN v0.9.1

To whom it may concern,

My name is Ricardo Bonvicin, I am a retired (25 year) Lieutenant from the North Las Vegas Police Department. One of my job functions, during my tenure there, was as the department’s firearms instructor and armorer. I have been certified by firearm manufacturers such as Colt, Remington, Glock, Sig Sauer and Beretta just to name a few. I have had my share of cleaning, repairing and maintenance of a multitude of weapons, so my experience is vast.

I was lucky to get acquainted with the Naturama Gun Cleaner. I have tried this product on many different types of weapons and am pleased for many reasons. I like the fact that this product can be used in a closed environment without the concern of toxic fumes. The breakdown of built up carbon, especially in the housing areas of the firing pin, extractor and sear are critical to the proper function of any weapon. This product also does not leave a film that tends to attract fine particles such as sand like we have here in the Las Vegas, NV area of the country.

Weapons of any calibre are finely tuned machines and must be maintained as the life of the operator and others rely on its proper function. I required that my staff maintained their equipment in impeccable cleanliness and operation at all time, Naturama Gun Cleaner helped us in doing so.

Thank you for a great product.

Lt. R. Bonvicin 0808 NLVPD (Retired), testing the Naturama Gun Cleaner