Green Motive Garage Floor Cleaner

Breaks down oil, grease and fuel spills.
EPASafer ChoiceClean AirGreen KeyHypoallergene100% recyclable
GTIN Container
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5 liter
1 piece
5.16 kg
18.5 × 13.1 × 28.5 cm
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Box of 2
10.85 kg
26.4 × 19.6 × 29.6 cm
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20 liter
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20.828 kg
28 × 23.5 × 38.5 cm
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Breaks down oil, grease and fuel spills.

Suitable for cleaning of heavy fixed equipment and sealed floors in garage and workshops where lots of oil and grease are processed. Also suitable for floors and fuel equipment at gas stations.
Naturama Garage Floor Cleaner degrades the greas, oil and fuel remains. It does not leave a residu thet makes wet floors extra slippery. Safe to work with, it does not contain agressive components. Makes your work environment a safe environment.


Large fixed equipment like lift or fuel equipment: Dilute 1:20 in a low-pressure syringe. Spray on equipment, lightly rub with a soft brush or sponge, rinse.

Floor: Dilute 1:10 in low pressure sprayer and spray over the floor. Rub briefly with a soft brush or broom. Rinse away or vacuum up with machine.

Floor with oil/fuel spills: Dilute 1:10 in a bucket. Apply generously to the contaminated areas. Rub briefly with a brush or broom. Rinse away or vacuum up with machine.

Safety sheet Garage Floor Cleaner (GM) Concentrate EN v1.0

We were positively surprised after a demonstration when we saw a clean floor and clean wheels. Very good was that we were able to keep breathing and did not get any trouble with our hands. The result is very good.

Now we use Naturama in our dipping-tank. In the past you really had to recover if you had been breathing above it, but Naturama does its job just as well and afterwards you are not bothered by anything. This substance really does not bite.

Father and son Aalten from Eurorepar Car Service Aalten in Swifterbant about the Garage Floor Cleaner, Wheels and Brakes Cleaner and Auto Parts Cleaner, see also the article Eurorepar Aalten aan de slag met groene reinigers in AMT (Dutch).

Is Naturama a panacea? No absolutely not. There is no magic involved. Does it make our work easier and faster? After what I have seen, tested and heard so far, certainly!

Gerard Spoor in a test in the magazine Clean Totaal about the Garage Floor Cleaner and the Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner