Testimonial Nancy Schonhage, Me Leva

In my massage therapy practice I had a problem cleaning my equipment, floor and towels. How do you get everything free of grease? And how can you make sure it stays hygienic without having to buy new things? My towels in particular had to be changed regularly because the oil did not go out in the wash.

My hot stone boiler looked greasy after a few years, no matter how hard you scrub, the fat layer persists on the inside and outside. Just massaged feet of my customers leave a greasy trace on my floor. My practice wasn’t as clean as I would like it to be.

When Naturama was launched, I became very enthusiastic from the start about a natural, environmentally friendly cleaning agent especially for my practice. Handy spray bottles so I don’t have to mop all the time, simply spray a little, wipe with paper and the grease stains are off my floor. The same applies to the cleaning of my equipment, hot stone boilers, counter top, oil heaters, everything is shining clean again. Great for me because it is easy and great for my customers that everything is nice and clean.

The detergent is easy to dose and the grease stains disappear from my laundry, which I rarely succeeded in doing this. Because of this I no longer have to worry that the oil burns in my towels or that they will catch fire (dryer), so it is safe! In short, I am very happy with Naturama, it saves me work, time and money because it is no more expensive than other products!

Nancy Schonhage, Me Leva in Hoofddorp